I car-surfed I-95 today onto Long Island for my umpteenth toddler tour – crack o’ dawn (pre-dawn, now that the clock’s turned) – and arrived at Roosevelt Fields mall. I’m actually finding the right parking tower – that’s spooky. A small and friendly crowd of moms and kids, and little kids, and babies, too.

I employed the hands-on route today – put the music in their hands early, and then put music on their lips later. God bless the plastic egg shakers! Very parent friendly…. And, as I moved along, I brought out the esoteric stuff. And, as I’ve found with my Alzheimer’s friends, the hand movements makes the music immediate and sensate.

I’ve wondered, while I’m in my “performance” mode, whether I’m reaching the really wee kids, but today I was taken by one girl, perhaps 10 months old, who was transfixed on me and the LIVE music. She set her eyes on me and wouldn’t let go. Makes me ponder the power of music….

Onto Delaware tomorrow, crack o’ dawn….