We were off to NJ again today for a doubleheader in Colonia and our yearly visit to Madison, NJ.

The Colonia school featured a 2nd grader dressed like Johnny Cash. As the show started up, I asked him up – he said he played guitar – and adjusted my guitar strap, cranked up the amp…. he started out on “Smoke on the Water”, the band kicked in, and… it… was… great! He knocked it out of the park! I love surprises.

We have played Sabatini school every Halloween forever, and it truly is the best costumed group of kids we run into. This year, in the audience, was John Lennon and both Elvis and KISS were up on stage with us. Elvis shook that thang, and KISS sang “I Like Peanut Butter”, in costume and shades, and the guy’s tongue really is that long! A good way to celebrate a RockRoots Halloween.