I returned to Topton School on Thursday – a day between gigs – and signed a bunch of CD’s for the kids that ordered them.

It reminded me of a very funny thing that happens when I was there last month. I’ve taken to asking kids what their stage name is. I’m finding out that more girls have this figured out ahead of time…. One boy, Zeke, said, “I’m Z -man.” That was good. But the next kid told me his real name, and I when I asked him for his stage name, he said, “Bob.” A palpable silence and then the whole place went nuts… You had to be there. The only “Bob” I know would be Dylan, so it’s not overused.

Off to Belvidere, NJ for a benefit concert for Matthew Bell, for whom good friends of the Bell family are sponsoring this event. Two sets this Friday at 7 pm: lots of shaking and dancing and singing. I’m really looking forward to an evening celebrating community with these folks.