This past weekend kicked off the frenzy of Halloween parties – and I love it. It’s the wonderful opportunity to shuck off our every-day personae, and take a spin in another character. Why not?!

Friday night , I played at a day care facility in Orange, CT, where I played for several spider men, princesses, football players and folks decked out as parents. We raised a ruckus, for sure.

Saturday gave me two opportunities to play, one at a birthday party for Nick in Old Lyme, and for a private party for adults in Madison. It was nice to have a weekend of “local” gigs for a change.

The birthday party in Old Lyme was in a magnificent old house on the main street in this classic Shoreline town. I got to play in the front hallway – great acoustics – for a really good group of kids. One dude appointed himself as roadie, and helped me set up my stuff. Green cake with a rubber chocolate skin – good, though.

The evening performance was a great change, playing for older folks (at least, older than me…) in small sitting room. Nice folks, good food, and every Halloween gadget one has ever seen: talking mummies, ravens, skeleton pirates, etc. I was struck by the fact that older folks like to sing along, whether its “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” or my more personal favorites like “Branching Out” and “Giants”. Folk music has always been a social lubricant, and its nice to see it work its magic.

Next week, more Halloween fun and a big RockRoots tour in NJ.