The past two nights have been some good get-togethers with some of my CT performers at two open mikes here in CT – Peaberry’s in Simsbury and at the Buttonwood in Middletown. A good crowd at Peaberry’s (I’ll be there the first Saturday of October) and I got to meet Sour Grapes, a husband/wife quasi-jug band. The lady played a boom-pah with a crutch as its base – very cool. We had a nice discussion about the boom-pah, or devil’s fiddle, as it’s called back in PA. Good time had by all. The Buttonwood was a small crowd, but inhabited by some of the same folks that were at Peaberry’s the night before. Do any of us have a life?

Off to the Farmers’ Market on the green in Madison today. I look forward to playing more than two songs….