Another rousing session at one of my favorite gigs (yes, another one…) on Third Street on the SouthSide of Bethlehem – First Friday. Interpretive dance, laugh-out-loud toddlers, and mighty fine chocolate.

As I set up in the afternoon, Brian greeted me with chocolate-soaked gloves – how cool a job is that?! Well, we’re in the same boat – folks who decided to work for ourselves. Yes, there are moments when we both wonder what the heck are we doing? Well, ya gotta do what ya have to do….

A wonderful moment with a dancing toddler, simply starting to dance (how come the adults aren’t ?) and then bursting into laughter. It caught fire. Yes, adults, kids, and myself, couldn’t help but chuckle out loud. A woman came up afterwards and said, “It’s a gift from God to make children laugh.”

Yes, it is. And it still is all of us, if allowed to bloom. Sometimes you have to let the children lead: dance, laugh, sing and be ourselves. I’m a lucky guy, to be able to experience it so often.