It was my pleasure to attend for the third year Will Tressler’s annual picking party in Easton, CT. On their rambling CT farm, Will, his wife Katie and his family have been throwing this hoot for 44 years, drawing pickers and grinners and folkies in a rarefied opportunity to celebrate music. Groups like the Ash Creek String Band, the Pulpit Rock Rounders, the Easton Banjo Band, the Walking Wood Mandolin Quartet and Will’s own band The Jackson Pike Skifflers. Bluegrassers jamming here, Irish tin whistlers over there, .

The Tressler’s barn is a great venue, stage and sound, tables and folk music in front of a listening audience. I got to play three songs early on, and then I settle in to take it all in.

Last year, Pete Seeger showed up and played; what a great surprise and I got Pete to sign my banjo. This event makes my summer and epitomizes all that’s good about Connecticut folk scene, and folk music in general.