If you blinked, you missed my Musikfest appearance this year. A good, sweaty time was had by all. We passed around the fool’s hats and carried on under the tent. My friends from Kentucky drove up for their annual visit (hat’s off, folks), Dawn – PASELA partner was there (fellow honorary kid), and lots of friends and families from other far flung places. Seamus Kennedy knocked off a great family set before me, and stuck around for some of my set. It’s a special treat to play for Irish royalty.

Several great moments – lots of kids on stage. and a banjo-failure. Hmmm.

One girl had a new Knock-knock one that I loved for some reason..
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say Rock and Roll? I’m still chewing on that one.

My friends, Dave and Terry did sound, and it’s fun to have nice equipment to play with – first of all, I didn’t have to set it up, and, second, I could concentrate on the audience. Thanks, guys…