I played my last school for the season on Tuesday, a delightful K class in West Haven, CT. Delightful, in that I didn’t have to set up sound equipment, just take my instruments, and delightful in being able to just play with the kids, dancing to Sally Walker. I had the luxury of stretching the time, ask questions. Nadine, the teacher…. I forgot to play Nadine for her and the kids…. oh, well.

Monday’s school was in Maple Shade, NJ, and, by golly, we played outdoors under the shade of the old maple tree. The kids were rammier than usual, but 3rd and 4th graders are always fun to play for.

I’ll be emceeing on New Haven Green for the CT CCT (Art’s Council) and its showcase of roster performers. I always enjoy meeting the the other artists and getting to see what they do so well. Performers rarely get to see each other. Til then.