Interesting day on the road…. Having played twice on Thursday in the Lehigh Valley, I drove to CT for the first of my Beach concerts back in Madison. Ooops, it’s at 6:00 rather than 7:00, a surprise for me, too. Anyway, folks were there waiting, and we preceded to kick up the sand. And then, pack up and back to PA for a Harrisburg Musicfest (c, no k) gig on Saturday.

I caught an old time Gene Autry radio show on WDVR (real country music) , late night radio at it’s best. Great songs, corn-pone humor, hot cowboy swing, sentimental ballads, and a radio drama about a bucking horse that couldn’t be ridden. Needless to say, it was great radio, especially with all the other stuff on the scan dial. Thanks, Gene, for bringin’ this cowboy back to my ranch in Bethlehem. Off to Harrisburg!