Another day of employment! This one was only five minutes away, down at the studios of WLTV -39. These folks have been really supportive of my children’s work, they pay me what I’m worth (and don’t have to beg) and they promote my concerts nicely.

WLTV – 39 studio.

It was a fairly good turnout, with some familiar faces and quite a few new ones. Mostly moms, grandmoms and a few dads as well. Having had success the day before with my Three Bag Routine (animal puppets, rhythm instruments and then scarves.) Things moved nicely, with a lot of interaction with the kids and adults. I’m incorporating more “swaps” in the procedures – “share with someone you don’t know” and that is particularly satisfying. The kids are used to doing that.

A couple of the dads came up afterwards and said that they had either come to see me as a kids, or their grandmoms suggested that they bring their kids to see me. It’s that legacy thing that’s pretty cool.

The coordinator Cate is a wonderful liaison for the station, and we both have recovered from cancer issues, so it was a nice hug between us in the beginning and at the end. She respects me as an artist, pays me as an artist and appreciates me as a human. All good!